Missions International

We are passionate about Missions Abraod. At this moment we are primarily focused in Peru. You can read about some of our trips and places here


We are already heavily invested in starting new communities of faith in the Central Andes of Peru. In addition we have just begun a new partnership to plant a church in the jungle city of Satipo in Peru. This church will also be a catalyst for starting churches and training leaders in the remote jungle area. Are you on Facebook? Join the Peru Missions Group.


Everything we do in Peru falls into at least one of these categories

  1. Plant Churches in these Areas.
  2. Support Indigenous Church Planters to take the Gospel to these areas and start churches.
  3. Support and encourage local believers in their own growth in Christ and fulfilling their part of the Great Commission.
  4. Train these churches and leaders to be grounded on solid doctrine and the sufficiency of Scriptures.
  5. Support Missionaries Serving in Peru


We are always looking for others that will join hands with us in taking the gospel to the unreached areas of Peru. This involvement can be praying, going or giving.

This can be at the individual level or with other churches. In the future more information will be available for partnerships at various levels. At this link you can support our work in Peru. A designated gift will allow more work to be done among the local people. Our support goes to help our local church planter and to equip and train Peruvian Pastors for the ministry that God has called them to. In addition to supporting local Peruvians and planting churches we also support Scott Doherty

in Cusco, Peru. You can read more about their mission and what God is calling them to do in Peru here.


You can support our mission work in Peru through designated online giving through paypal

here. In addition we encorauge you to consider giving a donation to support Scott Doherty. Please note these instructions for giving to Scott Doherty. Go to this link at Central Missionary Clearinghouse

 and select “Click and Give”. Sign up your new account, which will keep track of everything for tax purposes. Glick on “Give” or “Recurring giving” choose Scott Doherty from the list, add amount and card information and you are done.


Here is a Video from one of our Trips: