Missions Local

Our desire locally is that first we are Scattering in our own Community. Scattering in the community really means to be on mission for God. As followers of Christ we need to serve Him, one another and the community around us. We have been called to proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called us out of darkness and into His marvellous light (1 Peter 2:9)

Ministries Supported

Our church is involved locally with various mission organizations. This can range from contiguous involvement from the church, home groups joining together for ministry or individuals sacrificing their time to serve. Some of the minsitries we have support in the past include:

Manna Café

Hope Pregnancy Center

Good News Club


World Relief Nashville

Migrant Ministry

Clarksville has a high population of migrant workers in our local farms. This summer we will begin an exciting partnership to seek to minsiter to these workers. 

Life on Mission

The first step in being on mission for God is to live in light of the truth of the Gospel among the people around us in both word and actions. In being on mission for God in our community we desire to become Jesus to our community and the world. This life of mission and purpose (in word & action) will include, but not be limited to:

  • sharing the hope that we have in Jesus Christ with those around us
  • sacrificing of our time and resources to take this glorious message to those in the world that have never heard
  • resisting the lure of individualism and instead love one another in authentic community. · calling people to something bigger than themselves.
  • remembering the poor.
  • joyfully serving those in need.

Will you join with us in seeking radical transformation for ourselves, the community and the world?

Church Planting

Our heart’s desire is to be continually involved in starting new churches in our own area. We are already in prayer and moving forward with a plan to plant a two new churches in the Clarksville area sometime in 2017.

Foster Care

We believe that we have a great responaiblity to minsiter to the most vulnerable in society. This inlcudes those in the foster care system. We are active in enrouacging our families to open thier homes both temporarily and permanently through adoption. For more information please contact the church.