What to Expect

We are glad for your interest in The Way. Our overarching goal is to bring glory to God in everything that we do. When you visit our worship gatherings you can expect to be greeted by warm friendly people just like you. 

When you come to our worship gathering our prayer is that you will see in us a simple passion to love God and His Word above all else. Our goal is not to entertain you; it is not to look like the coolest church down the road. Our goal is simply love Him with all we have and gather around His Word. We are simple people that love Jesus, our families and our community. We are families with a lot of children and we are families with no children. But we are families worshipping together to praise our great God and Savior. 

Below will be a little more information about various aspects of our services.

Messages of Worship Gatherings

Our messages focus on the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and how that impacts, changes and transforms our lives. Typically you can expect messages that come straight from the Bible. We call this expository preaching. This means that we take the main point of a passage of the Bible and make that the main point of the message and seek to learn better how that applies to our lives. We believe that it is Gods Word that does the changing, challenging & converting of people. Therefore when we make the main point of a passage the main point of our messages we allow Gods agenda to be preeminent.

Music of Worship Gatherings

We believe that worship is the recognition of the worth of God that leads to a response of submission and praise of Him according to His terms and Word. Therefore, Corporate Worship in the body of Christ consists of God’s people gathering together with the purpose of submitting to His Lordship, praising His worth and declaring His name.


Since worship is a response to the revelation of God Himself worship in the church is to be done according to His specific commands in Scripture. Historically this is called the regulative principle of worship. The regulative principle of worship means that God’s Word governs our corporate worship. God has spoken quite clearly about worship therefore only the things that He has commanded in worship of Himself should be done as the church gathers corporately. The Word of God speaks about the church gathering together to:

  • Pray
  • Sing
  • Read Scripture
  • Preach

Since this is God’s standard, all that we do when we gather for corporate worship will fall under one of those four categories. The heart of Worship is God Himself. Thus the overarching desire and passion during our main worship gathering is God Himself.

What to Wear

We encourage you to come however you feel comfortable.  Many of us dress very casual and that could mean wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Our goal is to remember that what matters is our hearts, that we cherish Christ and His gospel, and love the Lord with all that we are.


During our worship gatherings we will have a nursery for all non-school aged kids. 

We understand that this may be a little scary at first, but we believe there are huge blessings if we will bring our children along as we worship the Lord together.  We believe that there is great value in having children in our services.  We trust that God can speak through His word even to the children. We believe that is the best way to assist parents in training and educating their children to follow God. Our goal is not to replace the parents, but to partner with the parents and empower the parents to fulfill their roles as the spiritual leaders in their home. 

Here is some more information about our philosophy and why we have chosen the path we have. Here & Here are brief blog posts about children in worship.

Visitor Cards

We provide an online visitor card so we can better serve those who visit. After visiting you can fill it out here. This is completely optional. We would love to connect with you and see how we can answer any question or be beneficial in your search for God or your path of following God. If you fill one out we will not show up at your house uninvited, but we will seek a time that is mutually beneficial. Again this is something that is completely up to you. No one is ever pressured to fill out a card when visiting. If you are more comfortable coming a time or two and just checking us out that is perfectly fine.